About Us

What we stand for

TGNE Solutions is a bouquet service oriented company located in Tema, Ghana, offering services in the area of ICT, Graphic Design & Print, and Education Consultancy.

At TGNE Solutions, we employ international best practices and experience in delivering a broad range of services. We are extremely committed to delivering quality service and support to ensure our clients receive maximum satisfaction in whatever service they seek from our range.

With a team of seasoned professionals and external consultants, we at TGNE Solutions work with our clients using a total involvement approach where clients remain the center of our service delivery from inception to completion of a project. Our service approach is clearly reflected in our slogan – Dream it, See it.

Why we exist

To provide customized, timely and cost efficient solutions to clients in the areas of Graphics, Technology and Education.

Do build reliable, dependable and credible relationships with clients

To provide a one stop shop for Graphic, Technology and Education Services

What we strive to become

To be the ultimate go to destination for services in the Technology, Graphics and Education Services sector where clients arrive with a dream and leave with a reality.

What we stand for

Truth: We commit to be true to our clients in all our dealings

Guarantee: We guarantee our clients the best service that we can provide.

Nurture: We strive to nurture dependable working relationships amongst staff and with clients.

Expedite: We pledge to provide our clients the most expedited service under any circumstance.